Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course

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Once you’ve mastered Classic Eyelash Extensions, it’s time to take your Lash Extension Skills to the next level with Volume Lashes.

Our Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Course builds upon all the skills you’ve already learnt in our Classic Eyelash Extensions Course. We cover all of the more advanced techniques required to be able to create fuller bigger lashes for your clients – aka Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions.

With your new Volume Lash Skills, you’ll be able to create stunning full eyelash extensions that are all in fashion at the moment, including the popular Hybrid extensions made famous by Kim K.

We teach you every step of the way and cover every skill that you need including creating fans by hand, feathering, gap bridging, capping and stacking and more. And we even cover some of the foundational info from the previous Classic Course.

As with all of our courses, you are taught everything you need from start to finish, building on your practical skills as you go with full guidance from our instructors as you need it, 7 days per week.

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Subjects covered in this course:

Together with the use of the “E-book Training Manual” this video instruction will cover:


  • Introduction
  • Products and Equipment
  • How The Glue Works


  • Sizing and Structure of the Eyelash Extensions


  • Making Hand Made Fans
  • Making Hand Made Fans with Easy Fan Extensions
  • Exercise #1 3D Fans on Practice pad
  • Exercise #2 5D+ Fans on Practice Pad
  • Exercise #3 Set Up Pad with Classic Extensions
  • Exercise #4 Attaching Fans to Set Up Pad


  • Volume Set Prep Recap
  • Volume Set Application
  • Volume Set Finish


  • Volume Fill Remove and Prep
  • Volume Fill – Filling Gaps 1
  • Volume Fill – Filling Gaps 2
  • Volume Finish Finish and Remove Pads
Find Out About Our Easy Payment Plans From AU$24.99 / Week
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